Am I eligible to sign-up for Maxx Plan?

You will need to be at least 15 years old to sign up for Maxx Plan. The acceptable ID documents are as follow:

If you are signing up on the Maxx.sg website:

If you are signing up at authorised Maxx retailers: 


What do I need to bring if I want to sign up via M1 Authorised Retailers?

Please bring along your original document ID.


What is the maximum number of mobile lines I can subscribe for? 

You can subscribe for up to 6 Maxx mobile lines.


Sign-up via Maxx e-Store

What is Maxx e-Store?

We are offering customers with the convenience of purchasing Maxx plan via www.maxx.sg. It takes 2 steps under 2 minutes to sign-up. There is no SIM card and delivery charge.


When will I receive the SIM card?

You will receive an SMS the day prior to delivery.


How do I authorize someone to receive my SIM card? 

There is no need to authorize anyone to receive your SIM card. Our courier partner will deliver it to your doorstep or letterbox if you are not around.


How to activate my SIM card?

Download the Maxx app and activate your SIM card in 3 steps
1. Scan barcode at the back of your SIM card, choose your new number and enter the activation code on the receipt that we have emailed to you.
2. Use Singpass or scan your physical ID to verify your identity that you have given during sign-up.
3. Insert your SIM card into your device. We’ll SMS you once it’s activated.

For step-by-step guide on how to activate your SIM card, please watch video here.


Maxx’s Rewards/Refer a Friend program

What is Maxx's Rewards/Refer a Friend program?

Refer your friends to sign up with Maxx via the Maxx e-Store and treat yourself to a Grab voucher code when they successfully activate their Maxx SIM card.

The Maxx Rewards/Refer a Friend program is applicable for every sign up via the Maxx e-Store.

The rewards program is not eligible for sign-ups processed at Maxx authorized retailers..

How do I use the Maxx Referral code?

Simply share your unique referral code found in your Maxx welcome e-mail with friends and have them enter the code in the referral code field on the buy page.

They may proceed to complete their sign up and activate their SIM card once delivery has been fulfilled.

Upon successful activation of your friend’s SIM card, you will receive your Grab voucher code in your inbox within 7 working days.

Please check your spam/junk mail folders if you have not received it.


My friend has signed up for a Maxx plan using my referral code. Why have I not received GrabFood voucher codes yet? 

The Grab voucher code will only be credited into your account once your friend has successfully activated their SIM card.

Upon successful activation of your friend’s SIM card, you will receive your Grab voucher code in your inbox within 7 working days.

Please check your spam/junk mail folders if you have not received it.


How do I use the Grab voucher code? 

Please refer to Grab’s FAQ here. Please note the validity period and terms of use of the voucher codes are subjected to the prevailing T&Cs of Grab.



Can I port in to Maxx Plan?

Yes, simply purchase a Maxx Plan first. After you have activated your line, go to Maxx App > Select “Account” > “Port-in to Maxx” and provide the following information:
•  Mobile Number to be Ported in
•  Service Provider
Please ensure that the Subscriber ID for Maxx Plan and the ported in number are the same. Currently we only support port in from non-M1 plans to Maxx Plan. The entire port-in process will take up to 3 working days and you will receive SMS notification on the status.


Manage My Plan

How do I check my usages, balances, view bill and manage my account?

You can check your usages, balances, view bill and manage your account via Maxx app. 


 I need more data, talktime and SMS. What should I do?

You can add another add-on via Maxx app > Buy tab anytime you need more data, talktime and SMS. Or, purchase it at any of the selected M1 Authorised Retailers.


I am on non-recurring Maxx Plan, how do I extend the expiry?

Simply purchase another 30 days add-on via Maxx app > Buy tab! Alternatively, you can do it via any of the selected M1 Authorised Retailers. The new add-on will commence once purchase is made.


How do I block international incoming calls and SMS?

Simply access Maxx app > Account tab > Manage Preference


How do I change plan?

Simply access Maxx app > Home tab > View Plan of your current recurring bundle. Scroll to the bottom and select Change Plan. 


Roaming & IDD

How do I make an IDD Call?

To make international call, dial:
<+> <Country Code><Area Code><Call Party's Number>


 Am I able to send outgoing SMS when I am roaming?

No, you will not be able to send outgoing SMS while roaming.


What services are available when I am roaming?

Please refer to list of available services here 


Damaged/Lost of SIM card

My Maxx SIM card is faulty/damaged/lost. What should I do?

1) Visit M1 Shop Jurong Point and request for a new free blank SIM card. We will request for some verification.
2) Call 1693 [daily, 9am-9pm] to resume your service. Please be prepared to provide the 18-digit number found on the back of the SIM card.


General FAQs

Why is there a SMS deduction from my Local SMS balance when I insert my new Maxx SIM card into my phone?

If you have enabled iMessage / Google verification, a verification SMS will automatically be sent to Apple / Google when you insert a new SIM into your phone and this SMS is deducted from your Local SMS balance.


I have been charged $5 due to no usages for 90 consecutive days. How do I pay outstanding amount and reactivate my Maxx service?

You may make payment via Maxx App or visit M1 Shop Jurong Point (Daily 12pm-6pm). Please bring along your Maxx SIM and present the $5 charge SMS. Your plan will be reactivated after successful payment.


Does Maxx SIM-Only support 5G?

Yes, we will be offering 5G on Maxx soon. Stay-tuned!


How does the validity of the add-ons work?

Add-ons is based on a 24-hour clock cycle with the day of activation being day 1 at 0000 hours and expires on 0000 hours on the expiry date. For example, you have purchased a 30 days add-on on 1 August, 1500 hours. The validity will start from 1 August, 0000 hours and will expire on 31 August, 0000 hours. The expiry date in the Maxx App refers to that add-on will expire on that date at 0000 hours.


Is there any Maxx customer support hotline?

Yes, you may reach us at 1693 from 9am – 9pm daily.


Change Plan

I am a current Maxx customer and would like to change/upgrade to Maxx latest plan.

Simply log in to Maxx App, click on “View Plan” of your existing bundle and select “Change Plan”. “Change Plan” is only available for customers on recurring payment. 


What plans can I change to?

Available plans are shown after you have selected “Change Plan”.

Customers on online exclusive plans are not able to change to retailer offers and vice versa.